Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Picture is the Bounty Music logo.


Great, leave as is.



Description is short and sweet. “Serving Maui’s Musicians Since 1979” and Opening Times. Link goes to Bounty Music’s website.


The description is straight to the point and works well in our opinion. Consider using some emoji’s to break up the text.

Story Cover Images


No story highlights at the time of health check.


We recommend adding story highlights to your profile. These will help you categorize the different offerings at Bounty Music. For example, one story highlight could be “Repairs” “Music School” “Ukulele” “Guitars” “New Stock” etc.

Also consider adding images or a logo to the cover of each story highlight to portray a consistent theme.



Posting a few times per month in the newsfeed and no stories at the time of health check. The newsfeed mostly consists of guitar/ukulele photos and photos of the store/staff etc.

Some hashtags used but we can work more on this.

The majority of the guitar photos look great. We can work more on this however to make them more professional.


We need to get you posting more frequently. Aim to do at least one post per day in your newsfeed and 6-10 stories per day. Focus the majority of your content on the amazing instruments you have in your store. The posts about the Acoustasonic Tele look great. So too does the koa ukuleles. 

Work on using a consistent background when taking your photos and if you’re using an iphone consider using “portrait mode” to give that professional blurred-background look. 

Aim to use more hashtags (20-30 with each post) which will help to get your posts out to a wider audience. Aim to ask a question with each post to encourage more comments and engagement.



The grid looks ok with mostly guitar/instrument photos and some videos.


Consider making the majority of your posts photos of your amazing instruments. The videos and other posts can feature more in your stories and story highlights. This will give your newsfeed a more professional look when followers land on your profile.



Engagement can improve with replying to comments from followers.


Work on responding to every comment left by your followers. This will help to build a deeper relationship with your followers and help to build your community on Instagram.

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