Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile picture looks professional but is a little distant


We recommend more of a close up head and shoulders photo to help followers identify who you are and build a better rapport



Brief description which gives us more information about Derrick “World Class Entertainer, Vocalist, Educator and Estate Consultant”

The bio link goes to Derrick’s consultancy website


We recommend choosing one area of speciality and going deeper within this area. For example, if your main goal is to focus on your Estate Consultant business then make that the key focus in your description and focus the majority of your content around this. This will help you to niche into an area and find your target market!

This might mean creating a new Instagram account just for your music. Or keeping this account for your music and creating a new account just for your estate consulting.

Story Cover Images


Two story highlight categories are being used at the moment “New Music” and “My Passions”


We recommend adding more highlights to this section and also adding more stories to each highlight category. Aim for at least ten stories for each highlight. Consider adding a logo or image as a badge to the highlights to establish a theme



Love the positive quotes! These seem to get a good response from your followers and a good engagement. Just a few hashtags being used.


We recommend using more hashtags to get your posts to a wider audience. Aim for 20-30 hashtags for each post. We recommend aiming for 6-10 stories per day to give your followers a better look at who you are and your day-to-day experiences.

Keep up the positive quotes but as we mentioned earlier, try and focus on one particular area of your interests, either music or your consultancy.



Grid has mainly quotes and pictures


Consider adding more videos to your newsfeed. For your music you could post more songs or #pickthistune type of videos. Some of the quote posts are cut off in the newsfeed so aim to make these posts square to avoid this. Also try to alternate one quote post with one image/video. This will give some separation between your quotes.



Aim to reply to every comment left by your followers. This will help to build your community and to deepen your relationship with your followers


Continue to reply to every comment to encourage more responses and engagement from users.

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