Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Picture is the EASTWOOD logo with red background.


The EASTWOOD logo with red background stands out well on Instagram. We would consider adding “Custom Guitars” to the title underneath the EASTWOOD text.



Description consists of artists who play Eastwood guitars. Website link goes to the Peter Hook signature model on the Eastwood Customs’ website.


Congratulations on all of the artists who play Eastwood guitars! It’s definitely great to mention some of these in the description, however are there any other key points of different with your guitars users are missing? For example “Handmade in the USA” or “Build your dream guitars with us” etc

Story Cover Images


Great use of story highlights. Four highlights including “New Gear”, “The Family”, “Our Blog” and “YouTube”.

Each highlight has it’s own image text with red background.


The story highlights are great. The red background creates a consistent theme and each highlight provides something different for followers to dive deeper into.

It is such a cool and unique idea the crowdfunding guitar process! We would love to see a video which describes how this process works while walking the customer through the process from start to finish. You could have one of your key staff members or even one of your artists feature on the video to describe the process and include the video in your story highlights.



Most of the posts in the newsfeed seem to be posted multiple times per day. Nice work! No stories however at the time of health check.

Some content has been reposted from artists or other music stores which works well. The feed count benefit from a consistent photo style by Eastwood for the majority of content in the newsfeed. 

Written text is easy to read and flows well. Sometimes a little short and to the point where as mentioning more key features of each guitar could work well to give followers more content to consume.

Some hashtags being used. Could work on this more.


You have some gorgeous guitars in your newsfeed. Some of the photos are quite professional while some are lower quality and would be better suited to stories rather than the newsfeed. 

We recommend working with a similar photo style and similar background from the majority of your guitar photos which will give your newsfeed a more consistent theme/style and a more professional feel. 

The photos with the timber floor/background look great, as do the photos with the blurred background effect. More of these would work well.

We recommend you keep reposting other artists’ content as long as it looks professional. Otherwise you can also share this in your stories if it’s not up to the standard of the newsfeed.

Consider adding more key features of each guitar to each post and aim to usearound 30 hashtags to reach maximum exposure for each post.

Consider asking more questions with your posts to encourage even more engagement in the comments.

We would also like to see more “Call to action” mentions in the written text for items which have shopping tags such as “Tap the image for more”. This will help to give followers more direction resulting in more website visits.



Newsfeed grid looks ok and is 80% there in terms of looking the part. A deeper focus on the high-quality photos and videos would work wonders as well as a consistent theme.


By working on the quality of the images and videos in the newsfeed, it will make for a more appealing grid when users visit your profile. Also by working with a more consistent photo style, this will help to add to the overall professionalism of the grid layout.


Consider experimenting with customised themes by trialling apps such as “Preview”. This app allows you to move your grid around before you post it as adding effects to create a better flow of posts.



Only a few comments receiving responses. This could be focused on more to improve engagement.


Work on responding to every comment your followers leave on your posts. Even if it’s only a few words or an emoji. This will help to strengthen your relationships with your followers and gain rapport with your audience.

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