Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile picture is the G7th logo with The Capo Company in small text.


Consider making the G7th logo the whole image and removing the small text. The text is almost too small to read and the logo is well known in the guitar industry so could work better for your branding to have it bigger and more ”in your face”.



Description reads well with some key selling points. A lot of text however and could be broken up to make it easier to read.


The description is good but could flow better with the use of a few emoji’s to break up the sections. Consider moving the link to the actual bio link and sending customers there. The link in the description is not clickable and takes up valuable real estate. 

I like the mention of the awards in the bio. It adds more credibility to the brand. 

Story Cover Images


Wow there are a lot of story highlights! Mostly of endorsee’s (congrats on having some amazing artists using your capos). This may be too much for users to take in and could be consolidated into one highlight.


Consider simplifying your story highlights with just one for “G7th Artists” and more highlights for your products for example “Peformance 2”, “Newport”, “Nashville”, “Ultralight” etc. 

It’s up to you what story highlights you choose but simplifying this section will give your followers an easier access point to finding out more information about your different offerings.



Posting multiple times per day in newsfeed and 7 stories at the time of health check. Nice work! 

The videos of artists using G7th capos seems to get the best engagement from followers. I also like the professional close-up shots of the capos.

Using some hashtags but there is more work to do here.


Great work with the frequency of posts. Keep focusing on artist videos and professional photos of the capos themselves.

The photos with staff and artists could look more professional. There are a few methods to do this. One is to use “portrait mode” on the iPhone to blur the background. The other is to get more of a close-up of their faces (while holding up the capos). This will help to give the photos a more professional feel while getting up close and personal with the artists and staff.

The other option to work with is to take a close up of the artist using the capo on a guitar. This will add to the credibility even more showing the artist using the product rather than the group photos with the team.



The grid is 80% there with some professional posts. 20% of the posts could do with some work. Some may be more suited to stories and story highlights rather than the newsfeed to keep a professional feel in the newsfeed.


The majority of the posts look professional and flow well. We recommend posting the lower quality photos in your stories and story highlights rather than your newsfeed to keep a more professional feel. 

There are also a number of apps which could help you to create more of a consistent theme/style. Eg. “Preview”. This could help to raise the professionalism of your profile and give users a better experience when they visit your page.



Some engagement with comments but more work can be done here.


We recommend responding to every comment from your followers. This will help to deepen your relationship with your audience and help to build your community online.

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