Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Picture is the Haggerty’s Music Works logo.


Leave as is.



Description is four words “From Bach to Rock”. This could be expanded on some more. Website is linked in bio which is great.


You have a lot of great guitar content in your newsfeed. We would recommend focusing your description around your guitar content to show your audience that you are the guitar experts. Ideally your description should mention what you and what you’re good at. We recommend giving your followers a little more information here.

Story Cover Images


Two story highlights including “Taylor” and “Charvel” brands. This could be expanded on. 


Great work starting to use story highlights. Work on adding more highlights to your profile. This will help give your followers more content to go deeper into and will also help you categorize some of your offerings. You can continue to add brands like “Fender” “Gibson” etc, or you can add other offerings such as “Guitar Repairs” “Music Lessons” etc.

Consider adding a cover image/logo to each story highlight to give off a more professional style/theme on your profile.



Posting every few days or so in newsfeed with no stories at the time of health check. 

Content is centred mostly around guitars with some other instruments in the mix also. 

Posts with questions are getting great engagement from followers


We recommend ramping up the frequency of your posts aiming for at least one newsfeed post per day and 6-10 stories per day. 

We also recommend focusing your content on guitars to establish a stronger following within this niche. It’s always easier in our opinion to build followers in a particular niche rather than trying to market everything to everyone. Guitars seem to be the obvious choice for you guys.

Work on using questions more when you post to encourage more comments from your followers. Also aim to use 20-30 hashtags with every post to get your content out to a wider audience.



Some photos and videos are quite professional while others would be better suited to stories and story highlights.


In order to make your newsfeed grid more appealing, we recommend focusing on posting only high-quality photos/videos in your newsfeed and saving the rest for stories and story highlights. This will give your whole profile a more professional feel and attract more followers in your niche.



Some comments responded to but more work to be done here to achieve better results with engagement.


Work on replying to every comment from each of your followers. This will help to build deeper relationships with your audience while helping to build your community.

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