Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Pic is the Her Wave logo.


If this is the official ‘Her Wave’ logo I’d recommend keeping it as the profile pic, however I think the Her Wave text in the image gets lost with the colourful background and would otherwise suggest making the profile pic just the text “Her Wave” with a white background so that it stands out more.



Great description. It’s projects a clear message about what Her Wave represents.


My recommendation here is to add a specific call-to-action for your followers to either click through to the website or message for more information etc. 

Also not as important but I think surfing-style emoji’s could work well to break up the text.

Story Cover Images


No story highlights currently.


I’d recommend adding in story highlights to help give your audience a deeper look into who you are and what you do. Think about your core offers and work on categorising them into story highlights. Happy to talk more about this to give some ideas but some examples could be “Our Team” “Surfing Highlights” etc.



Content is ok so far considering the profile only started last month. No stories currently which can be improved.


I’d recommend aiming for multiple stories per day to keep your audience engaged as well as at least one newsfeed post per day.

The newsfeed content could benefit from a more standardised theme which I’ll explain more in the next section.

We definitely need to work on more hashtags! I would aim for 20-30 hashtags with each post. This will help gain more reach in the surfing niche. I would also recommend asking more questions in the text as well as providing a call-to-action



A filter could work well here to give a more consistent and professional theme.


I’d recommend experimenting with a filter to help give the profile a lift. Lightroom is one app to try. Happy to give some more pointers here on things to try if you need.



Some followers engaging in the comments but need a response.


I’d recommend replying to all of your followers’ comments especially in these early days. It will go a long way to building a strong audience of raving fans.

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