Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Picture looks nice and professional. It is a full length photo of Karley in a dress striking a pose.


While this is a great photo of you, I think an even better photo is one of your aerial shots. In particular one of your most recent posts with you and another aerial hoop team mate upside down with blue lights behind you. This photo looks amazing and really grabs your attention. This could work better as your profile picture to also show your audience more of what you are about before they even read your bio.



Description mentions a few different elements including Karley being an Xpert Fitness instructor as well as heartbreaker guitars, guitar, ukulele, singer and songwriter.


Your description reads well however I’d like to find out which is the key area you would like to focus on the most with your Instagram. It seems like it’s your Aerial and Pole training due to the fact that you have a link to the Xpert Pole Fitness website.

But it also seems like you may want to promote your music and guitar playing too. This is ok but in my experience it’s better to go deeper with one niche rather than try and tackle two or more industry’s with the one account. 

By focusing on your aerial fitness for example you can go deeper and wider within this niche making it easier to find your audience.

I hope that makes sense. We can have a quick chat about this too which might help me explain it better.

Story Cover Images


Using five story highlights. Mostly focused on the aeriel/pole training.


The highlights are great. I’d recommend adding a logo/image to the cover of each highlight to give your profile a more consistent theme. 

I would also consider moving both mermaid highlights into the one highlight. This would also be a good area to add in some of your music as a separate highlight.



Posting in newsfeed every few days or so with 6 stories at the time of health check. Some photos in newsfeed are high-quality and professional which look fantastic. There are some photos however which are not as high quality and would be better suited to stories.

Written text flows well and some hashtags are being used already.


Work on posting in your newsfeed at least once per day and aim for 6-10 stories per day. Work on filling your newsfeed with the more professional-style photos to give it a consistently high standard and save everything else for your stories/story highlights.

Consider asking more questions in your posts to encourage even more engagement and aim to use 25-30 hashtags with every post to reach more eyes.



Newsfeed Grid looks good but could be tidied up some more.


With a deeper focus on reserving the newsfeed for your higher-quality content, it will look more visually appealing as a whole.

Consider trialling a third-party app such as “Preview” to help you build a more consistent theme across your grid. This will help to raise the professionalism of your profile even more.



Writing back to some comments which is great. However more work could be done here.


Work on responding to every comment from your followers. Even if it’s just a few words or an emoji, this will help to build a deeper relationship with your audience and grow a strong community.

You’re doing great! 32k followers and going strong. Well done!

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