Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile picture is a headshot of Leah and her curls. Nice photo, looks great!


We recommend leaving this as is.



Wow you must be busy! Description reads well and is broken up nicely with emoji’s. There are a lot of offerings here. Website links to Flip Flop Sounds.


You offer quite a lot of services. We recommend focusing on just a few on this account to give you maximum reach within your target market. It can be quite challenging to build ‘general’ followers but a lot easier to build ‘specific’ followers in your niche. 

 Happy to have a chat about this if you like.

Story Cover Images


 Three story highlights currently. One to three stories per highlight.


 We recommend building your story highlights so that there are more stories per highlight. We also recommend building up to 5 or 6 story highlights total to give your audience more content on what you offer. 

Consider adding a logo/image to the cover of each highlight. This will help to give your profile a more consistent theme/style.



 Posting once per month currently. We need to ramp this up. Using some hashtags.


We recommend ramping up the frequency of your posts aiming for at least one post per day. We also recommend adding more hashtags aiming for 20-30 per post. Aim for 5-6 stories per day and consider asking a question with your posts to encourage more engagement from followers.



 Grid looks fun and bright.


Grid looks good for now. Work on building more higher quality professional photos in the area that you choose to focus on. This will help to give your newsfeed grid a more professional feed when new users visit your profile.



Need to work on comments back to followers.


Work on replying to your followers’ comments so that you are building strong relationships with your audience. This will pay off massively in the long run!

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