Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Nice logo and Font. Logo just needs to be bigger and remove website address from profile pic as it’s too small to read


Zoom in on your profile pic to make your logo bigger. We want this to be in people’s face and to stand out!



Link takes us to a YouTube video. Description is broad and could be more focused on guitars.


Send people to your website by adding your website as the main link in your bio.

What is your strength? Is it guitars? Focus your description on what you do best. Eg. “We are the guitar experts”

Consider using more emoji’s to break-up the text.

Story Cover Images


Some stories being used already but no highlights as yet.


Use story posts multiple times per day to document your day. Add in story highlights with images as the cover. For example “Guitar Repairs” “New Stock” etc



Good frequency. Posting multiple times per day at the moment. Most guitar posts feature a guitar hanging on the wall. Using multiple hashtags which is great.


Keep up the frequency and consistency! Posting multiple times per day is great.

Consider using a similar background for guitar photos by taking the guitar off the wall and putting it on a stand. This will help to create more of a common theme. Hashtags are great but could be using more. Use as many ‘guitar’ hashtags as you can eg #guitar #guitarist #guitaristsofinstagram etc

Consider asking a question with your posts to encourage engagement. For example “what do you think?” “what song would you play on this guitar?” etc etc

Always add in a “call to action” by asking followers to do something next such as “Click the link in our bio for more” or “Send us a message for pricing”



Lots of guitars featured which is great!


Use similar backgrounds where possible to create a common theme



Engagement with comments is quite good. Most comments have been replied to which is great


Continue to reply to every comment to encourage more responses and engagement from users.

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