Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Picture is a photo of a Black Takamine Guitar Headstock on Dark Background.


The guitar headstock photo looks great but the logo gets lost with the black headstock on black background. We recommend using the Takamine Logo up close to make it more visible to other users and your followers.



Description is short and to the point “Official Profile of acoustic guitars from Takamine in Poland”

Website link takes us to a limited edition Takamine guitar for sale.


We recommend adding a “call to action” to your description such as “View our range of Takamine guitars below”. This will encourage your followers to click through to your website. 

At the moment your website link goes to just one guitar. We recommend linking to your full range of Takamine guitars to show your audience more of what you have to offer. If you can sync your website and Instagram accounts you will be able to add a link with each guitar you post. This will make it easier to send people to that exact guitar on your website. We can talk more about this.

Story Cover Images


No story highlights at the time of health check.


We recommend adding story highlights to your profile. This will help you to categorize your offerings. Some story highlight examples could be “G Series” “Japan Series” “Artists” etc


Consider using a photo or logo for each story cover image to give a consistent theme.



Posting every few days in newsfeed with one story at the time of health check. The majority of content is focused on Takamine Guitars. Some photos of the guitars are very professional and look great. Some are stock photos with text/logos and do not look as professional.

Hashtags are being used but could still improve.


You’re doing great for only starting a few months ago. Aim to post in your newsfeed everyday. Multiple times per day if you can. 

Consider using a similar background for all of your guitar photos to create consistency and raise the quality of your content. We recommend doing this over posting stock images with text which do not look as pleasing to the eye.

Aim to use 20-30 hashtags with every post in your newsfeed and aim to post 6-10 stories per day.



Grid is filled with guitar content which is great. Raising the professionalism with photos and videos can be done with a few easy tweaks.


The grid will look much more pleasing with a focus on a consistent background and photo style. This will help the images flow a lot better too.



Comments are being replied to on a semi-regular basis


Continue to respond to comments from your followers. We recommend replying to every comment which will help to deepen your relationship with your followers even further. 

Consider asking a question when you post to encourage more comments from followers

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