Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Pic is The Pavilion logo.


 Great work using the logo for the profile pic. It is however slightly off-centre and needs to be moved to the right slightly.



Description/bio provides a clear message and a call-to-action to phone or visit website.


Well done here. The bio is great. My only recommendation here is to break up the text so it’s more line-by-line and to consider using emoji’s but this isn’t essential.

Story Cover Images


Two story highlights currently. “Weddings” and “Events”


I definitely recommend using more story highlights. Also adding cover images to each highlight would work well to give the profile a more consistent theme. 

More highlight examples could be: “Food”, “Wine”, “Weddings”, “Our Community” etc.

This will help to showcase your different offerings and give your followers a way to explore your services on a deeper level.



Content is a little mixed and could benefit from more consistency.


Some of the images are quite good while the flyers and text images clash with the rest of the feed. I would recommend focusing on your core product/services and focus the majority of your content around that. Save the event promotion posts for your story highlight. 

Keep your newsfeed for your best quality images surrounding weddings (potentially source wedding photos from past photographers), meals offered, wine and drinks, the function room all-done-up etc.

I feel like this sort of content will give your profile a more professional feel and help to keep it consistent so your audience get a clearer picture of what you offer exactly.



Similar to the content example. The grid is currently quite mixed and needs a more consistent theme. A good filter can also help with this.


Continuing from the advice above, I would also experiment with a filter to run images through. This can work wonders to give your profile a ‘themed’ feel and lift the overall professionalism of the account. Lightroom is one app I would recommend for this. Happy to have a chat with you more about options here.



Comments need more engagement.


Work on responding to the comments under your posts. This will go a long way to build a strong audience on your profile.

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