Health Check Results

The results are in….

Glenn and his team have taken the time to personally analyse your Instagram profile and have made the following discoveries and recommendations….

Profile Picture


Profile Pic is of Willowvale Road in black and white with “Willowvale Road, South Coast” in text.


We recommend just using the company logo for the profile pic to establish a stronger brand presence on your profile.



Description reads well but there are quite a few elements here to your offer which could be simplified.


We recommend simplifying the bio to be more focused on your core offer. For example it might be worth removing the “pictures of Willowvale Road” offer if this is not a core service. Happy to talk more about this to explain a little better.

The description also needs a more direct “call-to-action” to encourage followers to click through to your website for purchasing.

Story Cover Images


Great work using Story highlights. There are a large number to get through though which could be compressed into a handful of key focus areas.


 We recommend focusing on a core 6-10 story highlights and adding cover images to each highlight to give a more professional theme. There are two “Workshop” highlights for example which could be compressed into one highlight. Cover images will help to give your whole profile a stronger and more consistent theme.

Cover images will help to give your whole profile a stronger and more consistent theme.



Nice work with the mothers day posts. Photos look quite nice. Good use of hashtags. Some images in the feed could be more suited to stories rather than the feed. For example the pizza post.


We recommend keeping your best quality content for your newsfeed and moving the rest to stories to give your newsfeed a more professional feel. A good filter would work well to give a more consistent theme. More on this in the grid section.



Grid could benefit from a consistent theme.


We recommend using a filter to give a more consistent and more professional feel across your newsfeed grid. This can be done using apps such as ‘Lightroom’. Happy to explain more about how this works as well. This would work wonders for your overall style and visual appeal.



Some engagement with followers in the comments but more to be done here.


We recommend engaging with every comment by adding a reply. This will go a long way to building your audience long term.

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